San Diego Koi Pond with 8' Land bridge

The customer presented us with a blank dirt lot to build a koi pond. We placed boulders along the wood fence to protect it from the dirt. The bog filter and the waterfall was built against this boulder retaining wall. Real rocks and boulders were used to make the water feature look natural. The land bridge was installed between the waterfall and the pond to provide access to other areas of the backyard. The pond was built 3' deep and includes fish caves to provide protection from predators. A wetland filter was also installed and a small wood bridge was placed for the pathway that crosses the wetland filter. Sitting rocks were included in this feature to encourage the customer to interact with the water feature. Lights were strategically placed to extend the enjoyment into the evening hours. Water plants add to the natural environment for the fish.

Koi Pond with 8' Land bridge

Koi Pond with 8' Land bridge Koi Pond with 8' Land bridge Koi Pond with 8' Land bridge

San Diego, CA

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