Romance Your Wife With a Backyard Custom Waterfall!

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Backyard Custom Waterfall in San DiegoThe thing about ladies is that they love romance. If you’re male, you probably already know this. Yet many males find it difficult to express their romantic side.

Flowers are always a lovely gift to give to a woman. In fact, if you’re wanting to say, “Hey, I’m really into you…,” flowers are a great way to say it. Nearly every woman loves flowers, though some are allergic or simply do not like frilly things, so be sure your lady likes them.

While flowers are truly an expression of romance, there are other options out there for you. If you are married and own a home, one of the most expressive, beautiful things you can do for your woman is to add a romantic living area to your home. A nice custom waterfall may be just the ticket to rejuvenate your relationship.

Perhaps you’ve spent time with your lady in a romantic place. You know women dream of gorgeous emerald oceans, white sand, palm trees, gentle winds, and of course you. When they dream of being in these natural romantic settings, they picture you there beside them enjoying it with them. This is what romance is about. The two of you…growing old together…enjoying the beautiful sunset…smelling the flowers…hearing the soft rush of a waterfall. Doesn’t it just make you want to be together?

Romance is a very effective tool at creating just the right atmosphere for developing your relationship with your spouse. And hearing a gently flow of water, breathing in nature, feeling soft grasses and plants under your feet, all add to the ambiance of a great date with your wife.

Set up a little table with a white tablecloth and roses you picked from your spot near the waterfall, wow, who could resist you then?!

Backyard waterfalls can be built to empty out into an organic pond that you can swim in. The pond is created to give aquatic life a place to live, water loving plants a place to grow, and you a place to take your wife for a romantic evening swim.

Imagine guiding her to the area underneath the waterfall for the first time! What a great romantic place to express your feelings for her with a little kiss!

Waterfalls are also fun for the kids when you and your wife aren’t enjoying it for a little alone time. They can be built to look completely natural or can include some human elements such as walls built to look like old stone walls or walkways.

These added elements help you to create a safer swimming area for the kids but still provide the pond area with the natural setting it is meant to be in.

When you plan to add some fun and romance to your outdoor living space, a custom waterfall is your answer. And remember, you can build them now easily to support swimming and other activities. You can even add on a nice, man-made but natural looking hot springs area for you and the wife!

Give us a call here at Landscapes To Behold and we’ll help you figure out the best plan for your new romantic custom waterfall.

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